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If you're looking for an intuitive user experience and a compelling interface, it's the perfect pixel-by-pixel product for iOS app designers.

What is a good design

The idea of ​​any great iOS app is an intuitive layout, simple and tasty. Our in-house design team is committed to using the meticulous craftsmanship of the mobile interface with ease and ease and brings together all the technology components of the app to create a complementary and logical appearance.

The app may be suggested for the quality of the user experience, often referred to as the in-app UX. Our app design is tailored specifically to the OS platform, designers are fully aware that a one-size-fits-all approach is not appropriate, contrary to customer expectations and / or platform practices. Based on iOS user interface trends and user experience, the mobile applications we make are not only very logical, but they are also smartly innovated, most with cutting-edge navigation, seamless transitions, creative and effective animations, images and snapshots.

  • User-focused development
  • How development magic happens

Our layout team believes that users are the center of any iOS product worth building. That's why we just work, I'll sprint to create prototypes of ideas and test with real end users to make sure we just create good comments.

UX and agile improvement tactics have encouraged evidence-based strategies. All this begins with a greater understanding - gaining an understanding of your desires and goals before writing your pen on paper. iPhone app design experts will create a testable prototype with tests and metrics that include objective measures of implementation, design, and verification.

Can we help?

  • Usability Testing

Our designers help customers design, create and create favorite iOS client products. To do this, they have made certain end customers part of the process from the beginning. They conduct interviews, consumer feedback related to content, research and utility testing, then use what they have learned to improve iOS solutions.

  • Interaction Project

Our designers adhere to the experience first. How end users will be able to browse mobile software and be happy about it. Designers create interactive prototypes that ensure that each click fits the user's desires and expectations.

  • Visual layout

Design uses images, colors and typography to add to your dreams and upload your tags and emotions to iOS software. The goal of our company is an intuitive and enjoyable user experience.

  • Assemble layout group

In both iOS and web design services, the company sends two leading experts - the UX / UI designer and a project manager (main communicator and problem solver) to a user experience and interface layout solution.

The most important person is the product owner who acts as a decision maker. This role can also be performed by you or someone else.

  • Analyze strategies and specifications

At this point, competitors' analysis has been completed and describes a business strategy. The design team prepares the report for functional specifications and adjusts the internal technology for the appropriate business requirements.

Once you've looked at everything, teams can continue to use custom app design services and iOS.

  • UX Planning

Team members create wireframes in black and white. They work with agile and kanban methods, showcase current progress, and solicit customer feedback on a daily basis. This is where customer involvement is very high.

At this stage, our team of designers provides interactive and interactive prototypes and map screens for the most thoughtful product owners.

  • Reviews UX

Advanced UX / UI designers check the complete wireframe and provide suggestions. A veteran expert builder with the right technical knowledge is the first to validate an idea. They can also provide multiple implementations for customization.

  • Creating UI

Team members began adding UI templates to build an MVP. They start with general style and visual perception. Customer engagement is still high, but it is most effective when the team begins selecting styles from 1-2 basic screens.

At this level of iOS app design, interactive and accessible prototypes are more accessible, especially if your business strategy includes voting / talking to potential investors.

  • UI Overview

Through analog wireframes, the model is also reviewed by leading designers first. The expert verifies compliance with Apple's design guidelines. Custom user interface factors are also reviewed by software engineers. This is where the most daring iOS layouts face the reality of development.

  • Complete and prepare assets

As long as the layout is consistent with the assessment and is fully authorized by the client, the only remaining aspect is the correct MVP development phase. Our web layout and iOS products eventually prepared the final UI templates for manufacturers and divided them into assets.

Design tools at your service

Our designers excel by using the most advanced tools and technologies to provide the qualified technical support you need. But if you want to feel like a designer and are actively involved in creating applications, you have one of the designer's tools.

  • Miracle
  • Invision
  • Praiseworthy app
  • IOS guidelines
  • Adobe ​​ Kuler

The Marvel app transforms simple paper sketches into interactive, testable prototypes that let you demonstrate ideas for iOS applications and share them with others.

It is compatible with .psd files, so there is no need to convert your project before uploading. Miracles have greatly reduced the change in test time, especially since it updates them in the background.

With simulation devices, you can examine the prototype to see the prototype in a natural environment.

This prototyping tool consists of custom animations and fading between displays for the most realistic prototyping experience.

Invision is another prototyping tool on the iOS platform. The prototype has a full review system with notifications and status updates so that all members of a team can see where the project is without an invitation.

Invision also provides real-time collaboration with people, so if something goes wrong, you can meet online and work together on the project.

Includes comprehensive collaborative real-time design equipment, so it's certainly a super-real-time experience.

Probably the best feature, it has version control, when you accidentally make a replacement you should not have, or when designers want to bring back the old concept of layout.

If you're hungry for inspiration, check out the app you admire. They feature all the best design and layout examples from iOS 7 so you can use the great layout style for your next app.

This site is not an article format, which means it basically shows the beauty of the template rather than putting too many texts and other elements in difficulty.

For those who like to make pencil and paper and then jump in Photoshop or prototyping tools, this free grid sketch paper makes it easy to upload any iOS design to the paper. This is a print ready for you to download.

It includes gridlines for all standard UI factors as well as measurement tags for each device.

Can not decide on a color scheme? Try using Adobe Kuler (available as a mobile app and a browser) to take a picture of the color scheme you want and allow you to choose the best complementary color of the photo.

Instead, choose a prefabricated palette from the famous dye library for a winning color scheme.

Professional development process

  • Concept
  • Wireframe
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch

Only the most innovative ideas require careful planning and strategic implementation. Our designers can work with you to brainstorm, design your concepts and turn your vision into an exclusive app.

As an important step in developing applications, we've created a detailed wireframe and outlined the features of the iOS utility, laying a solid foundation.

The unique and sophisticated layout is crucial to the success of iOS applications. Our designers recognize this than anyone else. That's why we're trying to create and deploy high-level layout features to ensure your app is prominent.

In addition to coding and layout, our development process properly and carefully includes the best technologies for native and network architectures of iOS and the construction of the app architecture.

Whenever designers and developers develop applications, professional testers carefully examine their overall performance to ensure that the UX is reasonable, clear, and seamless.

Publishing is a crunchy time that marks the beginning of your app and begins the journey in the community. For your success, we'll be ready to get you started and guide you through the process of optimization and approval of the App Store.

Why is having a good UX / UI crucial?

The first impression is a lasting impression. When users select an iOS app, the main component they see is the user interface. People also tend to move quickly on the screen, it is important to have a great UI to help users run the app without problems. This is a great help to improve the brand value of the app.

Is it important to have a good design to increase brand value?

Why do not you use this on iOS devices when you have a great app concept? The iPhone and iPad have earned their reputation in the business world with rapid disclosure capabilities and ballistic reliability. If you want to increase brand value, the mobile UI/ UX is crucial.

Why the UX can not be developed?

As far as the user experience is concerned, it depends on the context of the product being used, so it affects consumer expectations. UX depends not only on the product itself, but also on the user and the product because the client is unique and UX can not be designed. We recommend collecting comments and updating the next version.

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Our highly professional team of iOS app designers is always ready to carry out the most daring ideas and bring to life the most challenging tasks. Share your thoughts and dreams and finish your perfect design in the least amount of time.