Developing Apps for iOS with Enthusiasm and Dedication

Since 2010, our company is one of the leading IT teams developing apps for iOS. Our developers focus on building state-of-the-art iOS software for iPhone and iPad, delivering breakthrough high-performance features and an easy-to-use interface.

Developer team

  • Professional iOS application developers are well-educated KIT professionals dedicated to developing best-of-breed solutions, programming languages ​​and technologies, and delivering superior iOS software development services.
  • We have extensive experience in developing iOS solutions for any business need and cater to many industries and niche organizations.
  • The team is dedicated to creating, developing and deploying successful programs on the application Store and providing application updates. Creative application developers have extensive experience in developing interactive, effective, and easy-to-use apps
  • Team members ensure complete customer satisfaction and timely delivery of technical services and communication support.
  • Designing and developing high-quality iOS apps has helped us gain recognition from customers around the world.
  • Hire iOS developers
  • Custom app

Hired professional developers with many years of experience to develop powerful high performance iOS programs.

Why customers choose us

Competitive price

Our company provides cost-effective services to ensure that your company's return on investment is very high.

Specific service

We combine content materials seamlessly to deliver unique capabilities for cloud services, payment gateways, geolocation mapping, social networking, QR code readers and more.

Technical support

We offer first class technical support and maintenance to ensure the success of your project.

Our company offers value to companies that develop absolute custom iOS apps designed for rich features, functionality and user interface.

Global Experience

IOS programmers and builders have extensive experience in developing iOS solutions and related services around the world.

Communication Products

We provide the best conversation products in the world and always help our customers at any time.

Verification method

Professionals follow industry best practices and time proven methods and leading technologies to ensure superior levels of quality.

Mobile full battery development

Strategy. Layout. Development. Test. Advertising and marketing.

We are a full-fledged development organization focused on building native iOS apps, backends, and APIs. As we develop our high-tech solutions, we work with the full set of features they need to develop powerful mobile apps from strategy to design from user experience and mobile testing to the market.

A successful iOS application is like an iceberg: it's a deep view, scans and options you can not see from outside. Having a clear mobile strategy is the cornerstone of your company's future success and offers the right premise for every development problem. With dozens of iOS apps for agencies around the world, the senior staff of the mobile strategist will help you identify the best application for you.

Strategy Services:

  • Research on Competitiveness Assessment
  • User defined and reviewed
  • Cost definition
  • Performance Infrastructure: Analytics and KPIs
  • Roadmap
  • Business strategy consulting
  • User interface and user experience design
  • Developing Apps for iOS: our Design Services
  • Native Development
  • Quality assurance
  • Advertising and promotion

A proper design is not just for the eyes. Our team follows a user-centered philosophy that tracks all innovations: from the software interface / user experience to creating all the visual design details that meet the needs of the software. Designers are focused on interpreting facts and choosing high-quality visuals that meet the needs of your iOS app, not only the best way to stand out from the crowd, but also to create user engagement and retention.

  • UX Search
  • Wireframe
  • Interactive prototype
  • Mobile UI Layout
  • Identity and application Icon
  • Visual presentation of the application store

We make cell phones, from start to finish. Software development covers everything in iOS, modern coding languages, and frameworks for developing native apps (such as Swift and Objective-C). For APIs and backend solutions, we will use MongoDB or NodeJS. Last but not least, measuring application performance is just as important as developing an app. We are familiar with a number of analytic devices from Flurry, Annie Apps, Crashlytics and Mixpanel or Appsee to Google Analytics. We develop apps for iPhone, iPad and related devices such as handheld devices, smart clocks, TVs and vehicles.

Mobile Development Services:

  • Design and sprint plan
  • Information structure
  • IOS Programming
  • API Design and Integration
  • Back-end and back-end solutions
  • CMS Production

Accurate Testing and Maximum Rate AQ is an important part of our strategy to deliver top-tier apps to our customers. Custom testing procedures involve trying every screen and consumer movement. We will amaze, slip and push until all errors are corrected. Certified testers will ensure your program is at its best in the Apple Store edition and is successful at delivering on promises and meeting visitors' needs.

Testing and quality assurance products:

  • Support and computerized tests
  • Crash Analysis
  • Usability Testing
  • Quality assurance practice
  • Ongoing help

A super-application has equally good releases. From the application icons to the Apple Store screenshots and the engaging ad copy, the in-house advertising team already includes everything. Marketers and advertisers work hard to ensure effective launch of a consumer shopping program for all other issues related to engaging and retaining successful clients.

Advertising services:

  • Search by keywords ASO
  • AppStore Slides
  • User participation and retention strategy
  • Time for the market plan
  • Advertising infrastructure
  • Growth strategy

Custom software for your startup

Now is the time for your application development dreams to come true! We are a group of iOS experts who have mastered business challenges and have learned how to help companies develop scalable digital solutions. With dozens of iOS apps designed for start-ups around the world, your outreach team has gained the breadth of experience you need to develop the perfect software for startups that you can benefit from.

  • Discovery Session
  • Minimum Viable Product
  • Interactive prototype

How to describe the product you need to establish? If you have not yet obtained a complete user process, you will definitely need help if you are relatively unsure about every move a user can make in an app.

After dozens of solutions and customer requests to solve the most challenging tasks, our company has developed a strategy that describes the products that need to be built. This is a combination of a series of consulting roadmaps and products that accompany all product details: from the user interface and UX to the technical meaning for the overall configuration of the business model.

On this stage we provide the right path, clarity and expectation of project output.

There is no doubt that you know this: the fact is that few initial ideas maintain the first contact with the user. Do not let yourself fall into the ordinary trap of getting started: invoke lots of resources, lots of time, lots of application features, and your target audience will not actually use it.

So what's the chance? This is called MVP, which is our initial recommendation for all boot partners: a minimally viable product to instantly configure the documentation that needs to be built.

MVP is about the main features that your application should have. In addition to the key features, this is a selection of other features to get real and valuable feedback from users. What this brings to you is the fastest way to get into the market without having to spend all that money on a product that may need a lot of iteration to get the growth curve we want.

There are many different ways to find out if your idea is worth investing. However, it is advisable to develop an interactive prototype, which is the best chance of not having to invest a lot of money to develop the correct app.

There are three important advantages to building an interactive prototype for your mobile app:

  • Get a real look

You'll get the top design for all iOS platform-style base screens.

  • Play the app

All key user processes and application features are consolidated and packaged so you can see how everything works together.

  • Gather feedback immediately

Present prototypes for your stakeholders and gather your opinions immediately. Put it on your cell phone, show it and play with it. Really feel what the latest product can be.

What we provide

  • Plan your project inside and out
  • Get the best visual image
  • Get iOS platform
  • Benefit from the highest quality
  • Perfect listing

Our team understands the world of entrepreneurship and what it entails: we live in it. We recognize the difficult environment and priorities that business teams need to grow into a sustainable business. Over the past eight years, our experience has shifted to building a solid foundation for delivering a complete mobile stack solution that helps ambitious founders create first-class digital products. The professional development strategy gives the structure and route.

The solution we produce is not just the screen. There is a lot of research and creativity in the final product. Whether it's testing the visitor’s experience, wireframes, layout brainstorming or user interface exploration - we'll all sort it all out. Our goal is to: Develop an application that will work in an engaging way that the visitors will love.

Whether it's an iPhone, iPad or connected device such as smart, smart home TV, you can choose it and develop a solution for it. The production team uses advanced encoding languages ​​and frameworks to deliver a scalable native iOS program.

Correct Testing and Maximum Rates Quality control is a key component in developing apps for startups. Our custom test programs include touching, sliding, pushing - and some magic. Each screen is clicked, and the glide of each application is tested until we are sure that the application we created for you is top notch.

From ingenious design elements to superior copywriting, in-house advertising and marketers will cover all the innovation points launched by the app. The creative team works closely with novice partners to develop effective publishing strategies, consumer buying plans, and everything related to key user interactions and reservations.

Your best technical partner

We specialize in native software production, however we can also offer cross-platform and web solutions. Our team carefully examines each case, thinking about technology possibilities and design, advertising and marketing strategies. Regardless of the scope of work, our company can become your perfect partner. We cover the entire mobile solution: local programming and coding, strategy, mobile layout, APIs and backend services. We have a broad portfolio of best-in-class solutions that deliver attractive mobile apps to businesses around the world, and customers often become long-term partners and friends. You can be our next partner to reap the benefits of unlimited digital knowledge.

Let's create something special

You have an idea - we have a solution. Contact our customer service department to share your thoughts and concerns. We will work together to find the best way to achieve digital dreams.