Master Bespoke App Development - Working Credo of our Company

We guarantee our clients advanced IT solutions and high-tech applications for their needs.
Our company can boast a highly professional team of developers with keen production skills and a rock-solid experience in building successful applications for every industry. We have an extensive portfolio and a considerable amount of wildly enthusiastic reviews from users. Become our client and feel all advantages of bespoke development process results.

Software Development for business needs

Modern software can be divided into three main, groups:
  • System software - core programs for managing hardware components. It helps the computer to function more effectively
  • Programming software - a layout for program creation
  • Application software - programs designed to perform certain tasks. Database systems, office suites, computer games are considered as application software.
The last one makes much headway and the demand on app development steadily grows together with the number of services you can get. To get an app right for your business, you should, first of all, make a choice between bespoke and ready-made software.
  • Custom software

  • Tailored Web Apps

  • Custom Mobile Apps

  • Ready-made software

Custom software

If your primary objective is to make your corporation front-rank and mobile, the best choice is a bespoke application. It is a unique opportunity to be ahead of competitors in modern pace of life. Bespoke software is also known as custom or tailor-made because it is developed in close cooperation with a client. Thus it meets all the criteria of clients needs, whether it is optimization of working process or involvement of new customers. It suits the first-in-row needs of those who use it and poses the exact functionality ordered, whether it is data storage and analytics, app for social media and mailing, administration and asset management. With our services, you will get an essential tool for work, which features meet your needs.
If you want to optimize working processes and make use of all digital abilities that software can suggest, bespoke application is the best choice.

Tailored Web Apps

The web solutions we propose will make it easier to use the web. Our developers will create the web app based on your ideas and expectations to streamline complicated calculations or time-consuming processes. The new application will speed up all operations and help your employees and customers to deal with your business on-line. You will receive a high-efficient tool for project management, a full-fledged operating system, private network or anything you need with stunning interface layout and the most convenient functionality.

Custom Mobile Apps

The world of today is getting completely mobile, and nowadays most of the business processes can be run by mobile devices. Modern mobile apps require new approaches to development to be compatible with the needs of users.
To answer this purposes we develop both native and cross-platform apps, combining all advantages of the OS we work with.
The iOS platform is famous for its invulnerable and stable run. We build and design multifunctional and stylish software for Apple devices to find favor in the eyes of the most sophisticated public.
Android occupies a considerable part of digital market, and a number of its users rapidly grows. We develop your app according to all Google requirements for all multiple Android devices, making the design look outstanding on the most popular screens.
Generally, we work on two major platforms – iOS and Android. But our developers also create apps for Windows as well.

Ready-made software

Commercial off-the-shelf, or ready-made software, is built for the user of general.It is usually developed for specific uses and available to the general public. You don’t need to spend money on bespoke development, but you should pay for its usage after installing according to its license. In fact, the licence may be even more expensive in long-term prospects of use.
Despite possible advantages and lower initial cost, such apps appear to be not the best decision if you need a high-functional application for your business:

- Standard software often does not require the needs of a user.

- You have to buy a piece of software that only nearly does what you need.

- It is confusing and not so handy in use.

- It will be difficult get changes or updates.

However, some ready-made apps, for example, with an open code, can be modified. Our developers can elaborate a set of features your company need, but such modifications should be restored from the beginning after every new update, that means new expenses and worries.

Advantages of Bespoke Applications

The professionally developed bespoke application has significant benefits and give you a chance to take the business to the higher level:
  • Unique functionality - our developers build a program according to the needs of a client.
  • Flexibility - such software can be easily integrated into existing IT tools of an enterprise.
  • Modifications - architecture of the program permits to modify it even after release to reflect all changing business needs.
  • Live creation - a client can take part in every stage of development, control the app making process and get information about every single detail.
  • Expert approach - our specialists will find the best way to put into life your ideas, give you advice and suggest different solutions for optimum result.
We always propose the most efficient decision on the start and maintain the project even after the launch. Rely on our experience and get all package of services at a fair price.
  • Best Investment for future growth

  • Enterprise App

  • Small Business Apps

  • Bespoke Application Development

  • Our tools

Best Investment for future growth

When you pay for a bespoke app, which we have developed for you, be sure that you invest in the future well-being of your business.
Your own app will compensate all expenses by one of the two possible ways:

- Considerable business performance improvement, which will save a lot of time and money in the long run.

- Sustainable profit generation and pay off.

It is not easy to say how much it costs to develop a bespoke application because the budget of the project depends on the needs of a customer. Anyway, every case requires different functions and approaches. A simple app with basic functions demands one level of time and money consumption, a multifunctional program for large corporation optimization - another.
The average price fluctuates between $45-60k for a development case, which sounds quite reasonable in comparison to other development companies.
To find more details just calls us and we will discuss all the details of your project, your expectations and make the calculations to define an approximate cost for a bespoke software of your kind.

Enterprise App

A particular type of applications can considerably improve any enterprise functionality and most of the forward-looking businessmen pretty soon realize this and start looking for the best solution.
This kind of software is called enterprise application (EA), which is developed specially for corporate environment.
This complex, work-centric, scalable component-based, and mission critical system platform can be built and designed only by experienced and professional developers, like ours.
It includes several programs and is created for some unparalleled business functionalities.
A special need in EA addresses when it comes to a computer-based system. Such apps can process online shopping, payments, content management, computerized billing, source planning and other administration processes. EA is a good way to enlarge efficiency and productivity of business and get a high-level support functionality.

Small Business Apps

Bespoke application development fits not only big corporations but small businesses as well. The potential functionality of applications is growing and can become very useful in all industries. Though sometimes app development is costly, it usually pays off within a year. They help to economize time of employees in accomplishing routine procedures and have a wide range of other advantages for owners of small businesses as follows:

- Give recognition to brands

- Help to support and engage customers

- Generate revenue

Work with us and profit all numerous opportunities a bespoke software can supply to a small business.

Bespoke Application Development

Our company has successful experience in providing customer application development services since 2010 and now we have all opportunities to design and implement software that suits your business the best way possible. If you don’t have enough knowledge in IT industry, we are always ready to help you to increase an efficiency of your enterprise, automate everyday operations, manage customer information or improve the user experience. Our primary goal is to find out your needs and elaborate a unique bespoke solution for your business.

Our tools

As highly professional app developers, we use a wide range of tools to build the most powerful bespoke software for our clients. At your disposal expert members of our team, using in masterly fashion CSS, Adobe Flash, ActionScript, Microsoft Silverlight and much more. Rely on our PHP developers and Java experts, ASP.NET programmers and HTML5 developers and signers able to transform your enterprise into a high productive and efficient business.

Our approach to development

The only way to develop a sophisticated and high-performance app is to work out every detail from the first stage. We follow a step-by-step procedure that permits to plunge into the business process of a client and understand all internal factors of the enterprise.Together with a client we define the problem to be solved, discuss all the details and the most important features of the project. We always keep in mind the picture of your business and the objectives you follow. This helps to develop a minimum viable product.
MVP is a wireframe of your future app with all necessary functions, which you can already use. Our creators develop user-friendly and great-looking UI/UX design to satisfy the needs of users. We constantly test the program to eliminate all bugs and errors. When everything works correctly, our developers implement additional functions to make the app as functional and attractive as it was bethought and conduct QA test to provide the high-level quality our clients get used to getting.
When the product is released and tested in real-life conditions by its direct users, we continue updating the app on the basis of the feedbacks analysis. Our post-release support is the warrant of success for every bespoke software we produce.
Bespoke application development services can solve a lot of problems you face during your working process. We know how to upgrade your business and have plenty of ideas for your corporation, which we are ready to share. Contact us and get a particular advantage over competitors with our hi-tech bespoke application.