App Development Calling: We Know How to Create your Dream App

We are a US-based app development company that provides its services to both established corporations and small businesses in the USA and worldwide.
We build, design and integrate software that gives new possibilities for your business and delivers fresh and flexible decisions to any business model.
Our principle is high efficiency and excellent quality of the products we provide.

Our Technologies

We are equipped with edge-cutting toolset ultimate in the building of progressive and multifunctional software for various mobile devices. Our professionalism and expertise help us to transfer the client’s working strategy into a smart program that can considerably improve business performance.
  • Programming languages

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Operating systems

  • iOS

  • Android

Programming languages

To communicate computer commands and instructions, we use high-level programming languages and implement modern frameworks.
Our programmers work with a variety of programming languages to build software for any platform.


Our expert developers use Java standard and technology to implement handy and highly functional software of any type including web-based apps. Java is widely-known as cost-effective, flexible and multi-platform technology decision that advance any business. With the assistance of our Java developers, you will be able to improve the quality of services provided, speed the business process and optimize the resource usage of the enterprise.


PHP is a programming language, which our programmers use to develop web applications that help to pin up business activities, increase productivity, save time and achieve a high level of performance. This coding language is widespread in the Internet development industry and used as a bridging implementation tool for secure and scalable web solutions.

Operating systems

An operating system (OS) is software that manages computer resources.
All computer programs and mobile software function on the base of an operating system.
We make software for most popular OS including iOS, Android, and Windows and work with Microsoft Silverlight, ActionScript, HTML, CSS, Adobe Flash and many other technologies to implement software solutions on these platforms.


iOS is one of the most reliable platforms, used all over the world. With our iOS developers, you can be sure that your product will reach the target VIP customers. Thanks to promotional opportunities get from Apple products, it is possible to enlarge advertising and ameliorate service standards and customer experience. We know how to develop a unique, high-quality app with user-friendly interface to promote your business.


Android occupies the considerable part of the smartphone market. Let our developers create software for your business on this platform and reap the fruits of this great customer base. We can make a profit of every advantage of this platform and make a native app contribute to all the needs of Google market audience. Our products meet the latest Google runs and guidelines on any mobile device from Sony to HTC.

How to Choose a Company for Development

Software development seems to be a real necessity in the modern digital world. If you need to propel the business to the next level, it is impossible to avoid creating an app. With this universal tool, you can reach the vast audience of smartphone users from all over the world. You will be surprised how functional and attractive software can change the business and bring success.
The main thing to know is how to choose the right software development company. It’s not a complex task if you know the core points to pay attention to:
  • Image of the enterprise - try to find the projects the company accomplished and decide whether you like the portfolio. Read feedbacks from clients and try to use it yourself.
  • Experience - app development is a complex process, which needs high skills of all developers, from programmers to designers
  • Staff - the creative team is the most important impelling power of any company. Make sure that the app will be developed by highly qualified experts on every creation stage.
Our company can sound off numerous grateful clients and successful projects in the USA and worldwide. Our staff members are outstanding and enthusiastic professionals ready to make the most hi-tech application for your business.
  • Web-based Apps

  • Native app development

  • Apps Creation Process

Web-based Apps

Web-based Apps creation processes that involves all the opportunities we get from the Web. For example, our developers can implement sophisticated functionality including Database sampling and access to online statistics thanks to remote servers. These functions together with many others are widely used in enterprise apps, which are used to give customers, superiors and employees access to various tools for business running.

Native app development

A native app is a key to the target audience - it can be downloaded from different digital stores and always be at hand of a user. It’s software for a particular platform, but cross-platform apps also exist, despite the complexity of development process.
We deliver all kinds of software, which permit to make use of all advantage of any platform. Of course, the cross-platform app requires more efforts, time and expenses, as it should work correctly on every device regardless its OS, but there is nothing impossible for our developers. You will surely get the product of high mobility and functionality, able to provide a responsive user experience.
Key advantages of a native app:

- The most reliable and responsive user experience;

- Implementation of wide functionality;

- Push-notifications for better promotion.

Apps Creation Process

The process of development needs an advanced level of experience and expertise. Our programmers have all qualities to deal with any task from inception to optimization to create, as a result, the app of a dream.
Regardless the type of the enterprise, budget or industry you will become our partner and the main expire for all development process.

Identification of the core functionality

The more information we get, the better understand the demands of a client. We gather for you a creative team from our best specialists, including developers, software architects and project managers who will thoroughly collect and analyze the information given. This study identifies the problem we want to solve and the software that will help you the best. Only full understanding of your working processes and the problem you have faced can help us to find the most efficient business solution.
On this stage, we define objectives, primary goal, software tools, and functionality that you need.
We also offer some suggestions based on the research conducted on the subject and our experience.


As soon as the project of your future app is determined, we create its first working version - a minimum viable product. It is a working model with its core functionality. We conduct tests to find out whether it meets the requirements and works the way needed. We elaborate a unique design, making it attractive and intuitive, constantly ask you for feedback and improve the product till it satisfies you in full.

Design creation

As soon as we get the MVP layout, we are starting to search for the best way to organize the components to mate the design the most intuitive and user-friendly. Usability is first but not the last important part of your future design. Our designers do their best to give the product as much attractiveness as possible, keeping in mind the main reason for the development. By so doing, we provide several different designs to choose from. Your input is highly significant at this stage, as you are the one to decide what suits your business and satisfies all the needs.

Core development

Our developers work hard to build the proper architecture according to its functions, upgrades, and maintenance. They select only the most effective technologies that will serve your demands. As a result, you get a high-quality product made by perfect coding skills. We give long-standing quality assurance for every our product. The QA department keeps a wary eye on the whole working process to guarantee that everything works properly.

Testing and launching

Our quality assurance team does everything possible to check all the compounds and functionality. This helps to avoid expensive reworks and confirm the quality of final product. You can be sure that the app meets all the requirements and is free from any bugs.
Now the product is ready to release. We help to launch it, preparing a project illustration and AppStore and Google play description to attract your customers.
But even now our cooperation is not ended. Our programmers continue evaluation after primary user feedbacks and always find new ways to make it better.

App development cost

Defining an average cost of software development is hard. It depends on all the details of the production process, time frames, and budget the client count on.
We need to plunge into the business process of the customer, understand the problem he needs to solve, think of the key point and possible approaches, tools, and resources to be used to make the client the best offer for a fair price.

Do-it-yourself design

If hiring a professional team for development is a big-ticket for you or you are not ready to spend much time in the creation process, it is possible to create an app by own efforts. You will even need not coding skills, just a standard functionality provided by modern software builders. It is quiet enough to build a simple app investing minimum effort.
The main advantage of this solution is free development. However, don’t forget about the disadvantages you will face:
No guarantees of proper work
Limited functions and abilities
Monthly maintenance payment

Tools for development

To start with set up a desktop computer with steady Internet connection. You will also need some free tools and Photoshop skills, some time to read a couple of blogs on the topic, where you can acquire an understanding of IT terminology and the latest tendencies.
Then you can find free app development software on the internet, picking the type needed.


Among the thousands of templates found, choose the one you like, add any useful features, fill in the info about your business and start testing your new app. To test the software you can install a mobile OS on the computer or use a simple smartphone with the corresponding platform. However, if you need iOS market, you will need to sign up for Apple Developer Program as well.
Our team can help you to get a developer license if you face any difficulties with acquiring. We are also ready to help to publish your app on any mobile marketplace.

We will find a solution

If you have decided that you need an app for your business - it is time to make us a call. Let us know about your corporate processes and problems, let’s find together the best solution and develop the software you have always wanted.