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Our programmers build comprehensible and user-friendly applications that become reliable and competitive products, bringing stable profit and value to your enterprise.
The half-success of any mobile app is an interface that corresponds with the needs of users. The app design services our company provides include the full range of business consulting, software development, technical assistance and marketing support. We cover development for iOS, Android or any other mobile platform, providing elaboration of the best solutions for B2B and B2C businesses.
  • How to create a dream app

  • Agile software development

  • Agile principles

  • The Way We Work

How to create a dream app

Top US app design companies have a clear vision of the market and understand that clients need only the best solutions.
The principle of development of our agency is an individual approach to the customer needs. The core idea of our working process can be described in several stages:

- Collect all the information about the functionality and features the application should have.

- Find out everything about the app users: their experience and needs.

- Elaborate UI design, representing the brand in the best way possible.

- Develop the app, using the Agile methodology that makes it possible to work promptly and efficiently and to control every stage of work.

Agile software development

The Agile methodology is based on the principles of software elaboration through the interaction of cross-functional and self-organizing teams. It includes planning, development, and constant improvement, that leads to high flexibility and rapid response to change. The Agile method thus makes it possible to find right solutions and upgrade the ones found. This approach was created in 2001, and based on the ideas stated in the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.
Citation from the Manifesto: "We are uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it. Through this work we have come to value:

- Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.

- Working software over comprehensive documentation.

- Customer collaboration over contract negotiation.

- Responding to change over following a plan.

- That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more."

Agile principles

The twelve principles the Agile Manifesto is based on:

- Fast delivery of the software needed

- Immediate reaction to any changings, even in the last development

- Operating software is delivered every few weeks

- Close cooperation and communication between clients and developers

- Projects are developed for those, who are highly motivated and should be trusted

- Co-location is preferred

- Operating software is the main criteria of progress

- Consistent development

- Priority of technical excellence and perfect design

- Usability

- Self-organizing teams

- Rapid response and adaptation to all changings

The Way We Work

Our app creation company develops applications using the principles of the Agile method. It gives us an opportunity not only to extend our experience in development of different kinds of software for enterprises but also to elaborate high-quality programs satisfying the customers’ needs and demands. We always consider all the needs of the client, including time frames and budget expectations, enabling the product to come into the market as soon as possible.
A well-handled mobile development process allows us to create competitive products that are the perfect choice for your business. With our company you can always be sure that you will not face any difficulties associated with our work and will always keep abreast of all the working process.

Strategies of app design

Our company can sound off a qualified team of creators, liberal thinkers and researchers of great interwebs will do everything possible to live out your ideas and build a working and stable strategy on their basis. When all the questions of the first stage are discussed, and we found out your purposes and needs, we start to elaborate the design strategy that is right for your project and will be effective coon’s age.
The app designers of our digital agency experienced in the app creation for different businesses, possess a perfect knowledge of UX (user experience) tests and graphic design. We will provide you with all the information, helping to promote the product or service, and also give you a useful advice concerning your marketing strategy on the Internet. We do not only build your app; we make you the part of the creation process: always keep you informed.
  • MVP and Building

  • Monetization strategy

  • Analytic strategy


  • Approach “Create, Analyse, Improve.”

  • Team Cooperation and User Research

MVP and Building

Communication with a client is the best way to understand all needs and demands and create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), that’s why we are always ready to discuss every single detail and question to emerge into the new project. As app design company, we try to reveal strengths and weaknesses of the company to optimize and balance them. We always pay attention to the minute details which constitute the base of any product: its user scenarios and target audience. This render vital service to our designers, because only with this information it is possible to have an insight about the product and to develop the project of your future app. The last but not the least thing is monetization strategy, needed to be elaborated to make the mobile app bring maximum revenue. Market research will help to involve new clients, or optimize your business and provide rise of ROI.

Monetization strategy

- Develop a monetization strategy to generate revenue and ensure long-term growth

- Include in-app purchase models based on the users' needs and business plan;

- Consider how to fatten the profits and optimize existing services;

- Find the way to involve new clients, for example, using discount programs and limited period offers;

- Think of loyalty programs;

- Build a pricing strategy for AppStore.

Analytic strategy

- Develop the best analytical strategy to find the best solutions for the business;

- Use tools such as Google Analytics;

- Set the key performance indicator (KPI) and other business metrics to be able to track and control the factors of your business success and to represent the possible changes for better result


User experience (UX) is designated to make a pocket app simple to use. It also provides an experience that users like most of all. This effect can be produced only by an app, created by someone, who fully understands how users behave, what they like and what they need. This person should be creative and ingenious, be aware of new practices and methods to create a technically number one product. Our company’s specialists have all these traits and ready to apply the best practices for your perfect UX design.

Approach “Create, Analyse, Improve.”

The method “create, analyze, improve” makes it possible to create technically advanced, second to none mobile applications. We scrutinously test interactive prototypes, set up by the careful investigation: we explore real experiences to create user cases. In the industry that constantly changes, it is important to have a keen sense of the pulse of the modern market. Our app developers and designers the US do the maximum possible to reveal new and out-of-the-box solutions for your company or business.

Team Cooperation and User Research

To make a convenient design for the app, we explore the needs of your users. For this, we need to analyze the audience and find out what utilizers expect from the product. The information collected helps to create flowcharts and user stories based on the user-friendly design that build up a great user experience. Our designers work in close cooperation with programmers to fully understand the architecture of the app and to reflect the user experience in interactive prototypes, which are tested by experts.
We will also help to establish a bond between online and offline services if your company has any offline activities that should be promoted.

Mobile Web Development

The world of today dictates the conditions in which it is impossible to do without the web presence. It gives access to a huge base of new customers and potential clients. Unfortunately, recent reports show that many people in business are not aware of the needs of an average user of the Internet. Over three-quarters of them have a web-site, but only half of these websites have the design convenient for mobile use.
If you haven’t a separate app for the business, but want to find clients in the digital market, the must-have is a mobile-friendly web-site - address to our app design company.

Benefits of Web Design

Smartphones have already become an integral part of our life: we use them when looking for entertainment or education, work or relax, business or traveling - give customers an opportunity to find the business right in their mobile device!
You may probably create a special app, providing great services, but web solutions have two considerable advantages:
  • Cost - a web site does not need much updates or testing
  • Availability - customers can find the company right from popular search systems and learn more about your service without any extra downloads.
Of course, the functionality of mobile sites is more limited in comparison to an app. For example, users will not leave valuable personal information, needed for analysis, because they do need to login when using URL. However, you can compel them to provide the data needed - offer different discounts or promotions available only after registration, or propose an exclusive content.

Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Our motto is - Outstanding design makes fabulous experiences. At your expense our huge portfolio created as a result of constant work, boundless imagination and incredible projects. We are proud of our applications, created for international companies and recognised all over the world.
We pay special attention to details to provide the best experience for your clients, involve your users in testing and discuss every single result to learn the reaction.

Branding and Graphic Imagery

There are a lot of well-known trend marks that have a memorable image. But many companies do not understand how the audience conceive their business. We will help you to stay in the memory of clients for a long haul.
No boring colors or stake pictures; the content of the website will produce great effect on users by bright illustrations and influencing animations created for your brand exclusively. Every single picture can attract attention of an utilizer. But it would be great to give your audience an opportunity to find something new in brand’s style, still recognizable, but fresh. We will help you to renew the layout of the website or app.
Rely on our experience to ginger up your business and give a revival to the brand image. Websites and web apps, mobile app design and development, bespoke software - we will show you the way to success.